Our project couldn’t happen without the support of many organizations & individuals.

Thank You!We thank the following organizations and individuals for their support:

The Playground Building Movie –A big thanks to Dulce Havill for putting together the wonderful movie about the playground project. (We will be showing it on the website soon)

Matanuska Telephone Association (9/09) – for a cash donation of $200

Brandon Nichols (9/09) – for creating the log natural play area components as his Eagle Scout project.

The Allen/Pearson Family (9/09) For donating the portable basketball hoop for the court.

The Great Build Day Crew(7/09): Pete/Lynn/Sasha Vraspir, Steve Jones, Bill Rodwell, Jeff Craig (aka Cruiser), Cass Ray, Catina/Ryan/Brandon/Bryce/Bryan/Brad/Cate Nichols, Martha/David/Emma/Will Tomeo, Dulce Havill, Clay/Sarah/Ayla/Addison/Abigail Walker, Kris Capps, Karen/Riley/Viola/Chuck Tomkiewicz, Jim/Jess/Kate Lebel, Sarah/Joe/Isaac/Ian Van Horn, Elizabeth/Torin/Lily Hooge, Steve/Xavier/Svante Anastasia, Nicole Gonzalez, Bernadette/Dylan/Grace C., David Cohen, Astri Dominick, Bruce Richardson, Marcia/T’Kai Marshall, Chris Romine, Dean, Jeralyn Hath

Food Sponsors of the Build Day (7/09): The Denali Salmon Bake & Canyon Market, Subway, Lynx Creek Pizza, Black Bear Coffeehouse, 229 Parks.

The Nichols Family of Cantwell (7/09) – for staining the old playground structure and log benches.

Roadrunner Expediting (July & August ’09) – Thank you for delivering supplies from Fairbanks.

Jeff King (7/09) – For volunteering to come pressure wash the old playground structure.

Denali Borough (7/09)- for a FY2010 $18,500 matching grant for a multi-component playground structure.

Aramark Parks & Destinations & Fifth Fithian (6/09) – for organizing and sponsoring the Moose Scat Scoot fundraiser for the playground project. Earning $4100.

Alaska Railroad Corporation (5/09) – for a cash donation of $500

Sponsors & Volunteers of the Pancake Feed Fundraiser: (5/09) Birchboy Gourmet Syrups, Silverhook/Kaladi Brothers Coffee, Fred Meyers Fairbanks, The Salmon Bake and Miners Market, Alaska Geographic, Ree Nancarrow, the Tomeo Family, Sarah Marshall, Lauralee Matlock, Cass Ray, Jim Lebel, Kris Fister, Jerri Roberts, Kate Batten, Steve Anastasia, Lynn Vraspir, Dan Irelan & the Blueberry Bottom Boys, Elizabeth Hooge, Vickey Works & Aramark, Jill Boelsma & the Denali Education Center

Basketball Court Builders (& Loaners of Equipment): (7/08-6/20/09) Bill Rodwell, Clay Walker, Pete Vraspir, Zack & Ben (Chuck & Dulce’s nephews), David Tomeo, Land Cole, Jim Lebel, Steve Jones, Robert Young, & Tom Farbo.


Steve Jones (7/08) – for the generous use of his equipment and his time!
Aramark (6/08)for organizing the Moose Scat Scoot Fun Run – Fund Raiser
Leroy & Vicki Lausen – (6/08) for a cash donation
Gordon Carlson (7/08)for a load & delivery of gravel
229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern
(7/08)for work party refreshments
Usibelli Coal Mine Inc.
(6/08) for a cash donation of $1,000.
Alaska Geographic & Denali National Park
(6/08) – for log benches.
The Denali Borough
(7/08)- for a $17k matching grant for gravel  & basketball court
Giant Tire of Fairbank
(7/08) for donation of two very large loader tires.
Lynn Vraspir
(7/08)for hauling those giant tires down from Fairbanks!
Bill Rodwell
(summer 08)For heading up the BB court construction

We appreciate the support of these local organizations for prominently displaying our playground project donation jars:

229 Parks Restaurant & Tavern, Alaska Railroad, Black Bear Coffee House, Denali Air, Denali Doghouse, Denali General Store, Denali Glacier Scoops, Denali Glass Studio, Denali Mountainworks, Denali Raft Adventures, Denali Salmon Bake, Dizzy Lizzy, ERA Aviation, Great Alaska Fish Co., Grizzly Bear Cabins & Campground, Lynx Creek Store, Lynx Creek Pizza, McKinley Creekside Cabins, Panorama Pizza Pub, Sled Dog Liquor & Cafe, Sourdough Studios