Project Summary: Our community is growing – lots of young people! The existing playground structure is showing its age and does not adequately serve the youth in our community. There is a collective desire to see more places for recreation at our community center for our children as they grow, from the preschool years into their teenage years.
This program is partially funded by the citizens of the Denali Borough.

Contact Information:, or David & Martha Tomeo at 683-2788.

Meeting Summaries: 4/3/09 Meeting Summary. At this meeting we reconfirmed the work projects for the summer and discussed fundraising efforts, including the Pancake Fundraiser event on May 16th.

11-7-08-meeting-summary – at this meeting we recapped the summer accomplishments and discussed ideas to move forward.

5-2-08-meeting-summary – at this meeting we re-visited the components we prioritized at the 3-28 meeting and then chose the aspects, brands and styles that we’d like to have.

3-28-08 Meeting Summary – at this meeting we looked at the desired components (from the compiled questionnaire returns), dividing these into project phases and brainstormed fundraising ideas.

1-18-08-meeting-summary.doc – at this first meeting we set out to determine interest and a scope for the project.

Next Meetings:
To be announced.

Research Efforts:

  • Elizabeth has found that the Handbook for Public Playground Safety has been recently revised. It can be found here.
  • David spoke with the Community Center’s insurance company about coverage. In short, the center’s existing coverage is good and there are no unusual steps needed for the improvement and expansion, in fact they are pleased that we will be improving the safety of the existing structure. An email response can be read here. Here are two documents the agent referred to: Handbook for Playground Safety and the Playground Safety Report Card.

Fundraising Efforts:

  • Pancake Feed fundraiser is planned for May 16, 2009 8am to 12 noon.  Planning under way.  Food donation requests are being made.
  • A February 2009 grant request with Denali Borough has been recommended for funding. Needs final approval from the Assembly in May 2009.
  • 5/2/08 – NPS and Alaska Geographic have donated several log benches to the McKinley Playground project (as well as to the Tri-Valley Community Center.)
  • 5/2/08 – Giant Tire of Fairbanks has donated several very large tires. The two from Giant Tire are more than 6 feet tall and weight a 1000 pounds each. Lynn Vraspir has picked up & delivered these.
  • 4/10/08 awarded the Denali Borough Matching Grant – $17k
  • 3/20/08 submitted a ‘My Hometown Helper’ Grant with General Mills.
  • 2/26/08 submitted a Denali Borough Matching Grant
  • Spring fundraising event being planned…stay tuned.