Thank You!!!!

2009-08-03_012Thank you to all the great volunteers that helped build the new play structure and work on the playground project during our work party days.

A special thanks to our food sponsors;  The Denali Salmon Bake & Canyon Market, Subway, Lynx Creek Pizza, Black Bear Coffeehouse, 229 Parks.

And another special thanks to the Nichols family of Cantwell for helping “in force” on three separate days!

All the volunteers were great! Thank you all for helping to make the playground better, safer, and more fun.

The great volunteer crew:P8019649
Pete/Lynn/Sasha Vraspir, Steve Jones, Bill Rodwell, Jeff Craig (aka Cruiser), Cass Ray, Catina/Ryan/Brandon/Bryce/Bryan/Brad/Cate Nichols, Martha/David/Emma/Will Tomeo, Dulce Havill, Clay/Sarah/Ayla/Addison/Abigail Walker, Kris Capps, Karen/Riley/Viola/Chuck Tomkiewicz, Jim/Jess/Kate Lebel, Sarah/Joe/Isaac/Ian Van Horn, Elizabeth/Torin/Lily Hooge, Steve/Xavier/Svante Anastasia, Nicole Gonzalez, Bernadette/Dylan/Grace C., David Cohen, Astri Dominick, Bruce Richardson, Marcia/T’Kai Marshall, Chris Romine, Dean, Jeralyn Hath