Hello Playground Fan!!

Our first meeting for 2009  is 7 pm Friday, April 3rd at the McKinley Community Center.

Please try to come.  Everyone and anyone is encouraged to attend. We need people that are motivated to help improve our community facilities.  There are lots of ways to help.

On the agenda for this meeting:

  • projects to finish – basketball court and pea gravel from last summer
  • fundraising and grant plans
  • new projects for this summer (naturalscape, swingset bay, etc)
  • the pancake fundraiser event planned for May 16

If you have anything you’d like to add to the agenda please email David or Martha at mckinleyplayground@gmail.com

We hope you can make the meeting!  And make sure to mark the Pancake Fundraiser Event (Saturday May 16th) on your calendar – we’re going to need lots of help.

**Check out the proposed playground layout drawing posted below!