Another gathering of hardy volunteers happened this weekend!   David Tomeo, Cass Ray and Steve Anastasia constructed timber walls around the playground.  With the help of the Sarah Marshall, Martha Tomeo, Ian and Isaac Van Horn, Emma & Will Tomeo, and Olivia Ellis the fabric was laid and we began to backfill on the new wall.  Thanks to all for your help!

The first load of pea gravel was dumped into our new area on Saturday and its apparent that the dump truck couldn’t toss the pea gravel back very far into our play area.  We don’t want heavy equipment to tear up the tundra around the playground therefore we need your help coaxing the pea gravel to the back corners of this play area.

So…if anyone has some free time please dive in and help move the pea gravel towards the back.  Its fun!  Its great exercise! Its fairly self-explanatory! For you water haulers, it could be a great way to pass the time while your tank fills.